Learn about the ancient martial art of Kendo

Kendo Training – A Quick Insight

Kendo training is really exhausting. As Kendo involves the use of sword to practice all the moves it even requires you to wear proper body armor to stay protected by the sharp edge of the sword which may hurt you during the training and even the real session. Kendo training can only be given by experienced people who know all the proper techniques of Kendo martial arts. Since martial arts is a broad topic and involves many kinds, forms and moves, the training is specific for every type.

Kendo training can be done only when the armor is out on. With the armor, the moves do become difficult and the focus is bound to divert but this is what the training teaches. Kendo training teaches you to focus even when diverted by things around you and in this case a face mask.

The best time for training is early morning. This is the tome when body is active and the mind is alert to absorb all the tricks and right moves against the target. There is a right way to hold the sword in your hands and is must be hit at a specific angle to overshadow the target in front.

Kendo training tells you how to move your legs, feet and arms when you have a target in front to make your moves extra quick and at the same time smooth. This training will help you know how to balance your body when hit by the sword and how to hit back with the same force and at the same target to let the other person lose control of the sword.

This training is a way to maintain patience in you and stay calm and focused at all times and react instantly to any move made against you rather than waiting for the sword to hit and then react.

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