Learn about the ancient martial art of Kendo

Kendo - The Real Martial Art

Kendo is one kind of martial arts, which dates back to 1950 and is usually mistaken, by being an aggressive form of martial arts. Kendo does not include punching hard on the target but yes it includes timing, concentration, effort, footwork, pressure and fast movement of the arm as it is involves the use of a sword and not just hands and fists.

Kendo has a certain uniform. Before you do this kind of martial art, you must be well covered with a proper face mask and body armor. The aim of Kendo is to be vigilant in reacting to the target in front. Mostly two people practice this marshal art together in order to earn how to act when surrounded by an enemy and how to attend to danger and uncertainty.

This type of martial art is now being taught in many schools that focus on physical training and physical upgrading of students.  Kendo requires consistency in attacking the target in front. The real art lies behind the strikes that you do by the help of the sword. One you hit the right place, keep up the pace and stay focused. Never lose temper and stay calm.

Kendo is a way of learning how to discipline your life. It requires one to be calm in any situation and deal it with open arms. As Kendo helps us learn how to be patent in times of danger, this is how we must be in real life to. This is actually an aid to out mental and physical state and helps in testing the body to its limits before the body gets weak and tired. Kendo will keep you focused throughout helping you hit the target every time you confront it. In real life, one you focus on something you are bound to achieve it.

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