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Aikido - Martial Arts

Aikido is one kind of Japanese martial art that requires you to have a strong body since it incorporates movement to lock the target, hold it in different position and to throw the target on the ground so that there is no way left for the other person to fight back. Aikido requires great body force and does not include any use of props like swords or sticks. This martial art is done with arms, hands and legs and the basic requirement is to have enough force to learn the art and then do it practically.

After throwing the person on the ground the first thing that Aikido makes you learn is regaining your body balance. Since the person you throw on the ground is heavy, you automatically tend to go down with the target but the real art lies in forcing yourself to remain above the ground and hence attack once more to make the target unable to respond back.

In aikido, if you fall down with the target, you need to know all the right moves of arms, legs and hands to lock the enemy in a way that there is hardly any time and energy for the target to fight back. You make the person stay frozen at one place until he or she gives up on fighting and reacting anymore.

The main advantage of Aikido is that you would be able to know all the strengths and weaknesses of your partner and would be able to use the same against them. A disadvantage of Aikido is that you only know how to defend yourself rather than having a way to deal with the attacks and hits.

Aikido is a complete physical exercise that keeps your body fit and healthy and makes your body flexible. Any age group can learn this martial art.

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